Feeble Attempt at Baking Macarons: Part One

Guys. Baking macarons is so hard. My friend, Evelyn, and I took on the challenge this past week and we...failed. Although we left with no macarons to show for it, we had a blast and learned an incredible amount about the subject.  We plan to meet until we feel comfortable with the process and adequate through our results. Below you will find the sad, finished product of our hard work and what we learned this first go around!

We followed the directions from this recipe.  We did our best, but at the end of the day, these cookies are incredibly difficult to make.  Each step must be completed exactly right or things will go terribly wrong. Here's what we learned our first go around:

1. Almond flour gets really moist if one lives in a humid place...like Kentucky for example. No solution was found.

2. Because almond flour is super moist, the cookies are lumpy. Not cool.

3. It's better to keep the temperature at 300 degrees and bake them for 10 minutes than to start at 325 and lower to 300 half way through.

4. Wax paper is a huge NO. They will stick to the paper and not come off, which means you don't even get to try any of them...

5. We should have added vanilla for taste.

6. We need to work on our timing for pouring the syrup in...

7. We mixed the batter too long so they spread while baking.

8. The butter cream icing we made was ON POINT. SO GOOD.

Guys, if you have ANY tips or tricks for making these cookies, please share! Although we were unsuccessful, we had a great time!