Style || 3

I'm crossing my fingers that this is the last winter outfit I will be posting until next winter - but we shall see. This outfit expresses the tiny part of my style that is midcentury.  I think the colors scream 1970 and the overall style is a bit out of my comfort zone but definitely doable. 

The top is an extremely versatile top despite its specific colors and stripes.  I've worn this in many different ways and I plan on carrying it over into spring and summer outfits if possible. 

My jeans have become my "go-to" pair of pants since this past fall. I've gravitated toward olive green all year and these jeans are the perfect way to take an outfit to the next level. These pants have become the perfect foundation for many of my outfits but in this outfit they act as contrast to the shirt, enabling the shirt to be the main point of the whole look. There's no way I would have pulled these off in my younger years, but these have become a weekly staple in my wardrobe, and again, they will definitely be making appearances in the spring and summer.

The shoes are really the balancing feature of the whole outfit.  The shirt brings its own element of drama to the table but these shoes even out that drama with their own focal points, mainly their height and color. They mix perfectly with one another which makes the whole outfit flow much easier. 


S H I R T: TJ Maxx

P A N T S: American Eagle

S H O E S: Old Navy