Book of the Month: February

I am a lover of literature.  I love discovering new books, and I really love discovering old ones.  This series on Novelties and Trinkets is really a challenge to myself to read, at the very least, one book a month.  This challenge takes me beyond just reading, to really dissecting the meaning behind the words.

This book is almost too amazing to analyze and describe. I've been borrowing this lovely and powerful book from a close friend for a couple months now and each time I open its pages I'm empowered and convicted. 

The Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan prayers. Puritans were one of the first groups of Christians to set foot in America and they played important roles in many historical events including the Salem Witch Trials and they were also the main topic of many works of literature, specifically that of Nathanial Hawthorne (The Scarlet Letter). Puritans were known for their devout faith to God and also, they were more, unfortunately, known for their work based salvation tactics and rules which they eagerly preached and lived out each day. Outrageous practices like crafting pews with the intention of discomfort because they believed one must suffer in everything they did in order to follow Christ.

I wrote my senior research paper over Nathantial Hawthorne in high school and learned a lot about Puritans. Although they were worked based, they were also fervent in their beliefs and loyal to Christ. The prayers they wrote down and would use each day in church are prayers that are incredibly powerful and true. They somehow found the best way to say everything my heart feels. The things I cannot find the words for, they found the perfect way to say. The common theme among these prayers are the desire to be stripped of pride and the desire to listen wholly to the Holy Spirit. 

These prayers are genuine and empowering. I read a few each day and I'm amazed each time at how true they are. I highly recommend this book and I will be purchasing my own copy soon!

You can purchase Valley of Vision here:

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