Style || 2

I'm not sure why, but I grew up hating vests. I remember looking at my friends who would rock the puffy things and think, "why in the world would anyone wear a puffy item of clothing?". Last year, I found my very first puffy vest and I fell in love, finally. There's something adventurous and feminine about them and I've learned to embrace the puffy vest, on my terms.

As I expressed in my previous style post, I am attracted to a classic and simple style of clothing.  I like accentuating my body type (average height and somewhat curvy) and this outfit does just that. I grew up playing soccer (and I still love it) so I am forever cursed with the greatly feared thunder thigh. I'm 5'5'' so I'm not short, but I'm also not tall for a girl and I have a decently toned upper body. All of these little details have to be taken into consideration when I go shopping and get dressed each day. 

My boots helped enhance my height.  They lengthened my legs and also thinned them out.  My vest helped match the volume of my upper body to the volume of my lower body which, in turn, also helped with my height. The stripes were an added, fashionable bonus.

The best part about this vest is the color.  I have a feeling that 2015 will be the year of green for me. This forest green is a great color to wear in the days of winter.  It adds a pop of color, without being too bright.  I am not a bright color kind of person.  You will probably never see me wear yellow, ever.  I prefer muted colors like burnt reds and oranges and dark greens and blues. 


S H I R T: JCrew

V E S T: Thrift store

J E A N S: American Eagle

B O O T S: Elder-Beerman