Style || 1

This is awkward. I'm a food blogging and travel writing gal and here I am, writing a style post.  I've always loved getting dressed up and a lot of what I wear expresses my identity as a person.  I don't know enough about brands and prices to be an informative style blogger, but I have a certain taste in clothing that I really want to express through writing and photography.

I wore this outfit to church a few weeks ago and my favorite parts are the subtle details and the whole flow of the outfit. The stripes are incorporated but not accentuated and the neckline is flattering on any body shape.  I identify with a classic, simple style with classic colors like navy, red, white and black.  During the winters I embrace boat neck tops, stripes, navy and gold accents.

Over the last few months I've embraced olive green as a neutral color and I'm so glad I did! The color, in my opinion, looks great on most skin colors and any piece of clothing that could act as a foundation for an outfit (jeans, jacket, cardigan, etc.). When you can pick the foundation of your outfit in an olive green color, you can choose from statement colors like red, navy, white, and black. For this outfit I chose my striped navy shirt. 

The last couple statement pieces that I included in this outfit were my shoes and my watch. I love the slight heel that these shoes give and I think the color enhances the outfit as a whole and really brings it all together. I've had this watch for a couple of years, and even though it's slightly falling apart, I love the classic look of this piece and I wear it quite often.  

This outfit is only a small portion of what kind of style I embrace. Overall, I am drawn to muted statement colors, neutrals like grey, black and olive green and I appreciate a classic and simple twist on outfits that include stripes or other textures. 


S H I R T: Thrift store

J A C K E T: Old Navy

J E A N S: American Eagle

S H O E S: Old Navy

W A T CH: Wal Mart