The past couple of weeks my life has been in a spontaneous whirlwind of freedom.  I haven’t had to do homework since May;  The greenhouse work is done until January;  I help my sister-in-law pick vegetables, but since I enjoy that it doesn’t seem like work; and my house is miniscule in size so cleaning only takes an hour or so.  Because of my lack of responsibility at the moment, I’ve lost my routine.  With this loss of routine, unfortunately comes chaos in my spiritual life.  Bible studying is left undone, prayers are almost nonexistent and all of a sudden, my attitude towards others and my days becomes extremely negative leaving me empty and unsatisfied.  Thankfully, God gave me salvation and he created conviction and through my salvation, a desire to read the Bible has blossomed inside of me and thanks to my recent convictions I’ve finally found momentum to get back on track.

I began studying through Nehemiah a couple nights ago.  Some of you may be thinking, “Why in the world is this girl studying Nehemiah? Why wouldn’t she choose Psalms, or one of the Gospels or Romans?”.  Well, dear friends, I was introduced to a deeper side of Nehemiah one Sunday morning as my pastor did a sermon over it.  Our church has been going through the sixty-six books of the Bible (one each week) for the last couple of months and Nehemiah has become one of my favorites.  Because of my recent obsession with it, I decided to take a closer look. 

I announced a few weeks ago that I started writing in a new section of my blog called Ecclesiastical Candor, and this week I wrote an analytical piece on Nehemiah chapter 1.  I would love to read comments and opinions so please don’t hesitate.  Join me as I go through each chapter of Nehemiah in the next few days by clicking on the tab at the top labeled Ecclesiastical Candor.