Day of Snow

Snow days are some of the best days.  I remember being in school and longing for a day off; and not just any day off...a day full of sledding, sliding, hot chocolate, warm PJs, lovely movies and soup. Snow days were seriously the best days.  I also remember dreaming of the day when I could spend these amazing snow days with my friends.  My mom and dad both work full time, 8-4+ jobs and because of their schedules, my brother and I were usually stuck at home surrounded by icy hills that no one would dare travel on.  I always loved the times when we would sled together, but I also wanted those memories with my friends.  I was lucky a couple times, but it wasn't until this past snow day that I finally got my wish!  

The snow and sleet began to fall around 2 PM on Sunday afternoon.  The Farmer and I were at a Sunday school Super Bowl party and because of the threat of bad weather we had to head out early.  As we were driving to our next destination, huge snowflakes began to fall, but unfortunately, as we got closer to my parents' house for Super Bowl Party #2, the snow went away and nasty, horrific sleet and freezing rain took its place. I was bummed.  We were one county over from having an amazing snowfall...we were just too far South to get any of the good stuff. 

We watched the Super Bowl with our friends as we healed from the fact that the snow was not going to come our way.  When the Super Bowl was over and those who were leaving were heading out the door, we were surprised by an inch of snow covered ice.  It was a lot more ice than snow, but it was soft enough to sled on...then it hit us, at 11 o'clock at night, "We should go sledding"!

We stayed outside and sled down our treacherous hills until 12:30 AM.  It was beautiful.  


After coming back inside we talked about our speed, analyzed our turns and basked in the warmth of our snow day happiness, knowing that it didn't matter how late we were up, we didn't have to go to school the next day.

The Farmer and I stayed at my parents' home that night with my brother and his friend (he's basically my brother too) and we slept so good knowing that we had the time of our lives and that we could sleep as late as we please.

The next day we enjoyed our snow day by trekking to Cracker Barrel for pancakes, french toast and muffins; watching Law and Order on repeat; and laying there doing nothing...except play Flappy Bird (I know, I fell into the stereotypical social media app craze).

As the day grew dark, our phones beeped alerting us of a text.  

A-A-Ron said, "I really want to do some night sledding tonight guys anybody else feeling bold?"

So I said, "Haha I'm down (insert two emojis)"

"I've played Flappy Bird pretty much all day so I need to get out," My brother Matthew replied.

"My brother wants to come"..."And sister!", Said Kayla.

"You guys are nuts," said Log-an.

"Are we official?" Said A-A-Ron, like it wasn't already obvious.

A chorus of "Yes!", "I'm in" and "Let's do this" came through our yes, we were official.

The night sledding began at 7 PM sharp. We unloaded our tubes, sleds and experimentals (oh and can't forget the Pam) and headed for the largest hill in the park.  

It was awesome.

2 hours later, we were frozen, sore and giddy, but we weren't ready to go home.  

We ended the night with hot chocolate, stories, jokes and yawns.



It was the best snow day ever.