Hand Embroidery: Back Stitch and Lazy Daisy Tutorial

I have found a new love: hand embroidery.  I don't know what else to say except that I love the look of hand embroidery and I love how simple and easy it is to create messages with colored thread.  If you're wanting to dabble in this craft, below is a double tutorial for two of the most diverse and easiest stitches to get started! 


-  a wooden embroidery hoop (you can find these at craft stores and sometimes even thrift stores; you can also use plastic hoops, but I wanted to leave this one in the hoop to hang up)

-  Your choice of embroidery thread color (I chose a bright, deep red, mustard yellow and a light green...mainly because I'm dreaming of warmer days!)

-  Embroidery needles (You really do need a specific needle for this because of how thick embroidery thread is)

-  Your choice of fabric (I went in the neutral direction because I wanted the colors to really pop, but I've seen some designs with patterned fabric that I LOVE; I would get 1/4 of a yard so you have room to play with and maybe mess up)

-  A decently short saying (I've always loved old hymns, so I tend to go with the shorter lyrics for my design, but you can also choose a verse, saying or even a monogram or a name)

S T E P S   F O R:  The Back Stitch

1.  First you need to put your fabric inside the hoop and pull it until it is super tight.

2.  Once your fabric is tight, get a led pencil and and lightly trace your words onto the fabric.

3.  Take your thread and cut off a piece that is decently long.

4.  Tie a knot at the end of your thread and thread your needle.

5.  Pull the needle through the fabric (on the line you drew) from the back of the fabric; pull until the knot stops you.

6.  Now, this part is hard to follow in words so I edited this picture to help you out:

6.  Once you have followed the numbers 1 & 2, follow the numbers below.  (You are basically making a small, normal stitch, then going back to the same hole and filling in the gap).

7.  Now that you have the basic back stitch, continue making it while following the line you drew.

You have now learned how to do the back stitch!  Now let's learn the Lazy Daisy (aka, my favorite)

S T E P S   F O R:  The Lazy Daisy Stitch

1.  Draw a circle with your pencil in an area you want to create the daisy.

2.  Take your needle and thread and poke it through on the drawn circle from the back of your fabric.

3. Take your needle and poke it through, from the top, right next to where you just came up.

4. Pull the thread through until the loop is the size of petal you desire and stop pulling.

5. Now, from the back, poke your needle through the loop and pull until you are stopped by the thread.

6. Lastly, Poke your thread through the top on the other side of the petal to secure it in place and pull until you are stopped by the thread.

7. Continue doing this until you have made a full daisy!

This gift was for my friend's birthday and I'm so glad I got it finished in time!  Once I embroidered the words and the daisies, I used the back stitch to create green vines and leaves that framed the words.  

Once I finished with all of my stitching, I tightened the fabric and cut the excess fabric off.  Now, she can hang it on her wall or prop it up on a desk or table for decoration!

Be creative! You can do so much with just these two stitches.

PS:  I learned how to make the back stitch from a website I found on Pinterest, so if my instructions are not clear (which they probably aren't...sorry guys!) then I would suggest looking it up there!

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