A Night in Nashville

My parents own a timeshare through a resort corporation called Wyndham.  Over the last year they have saved up points and they had the opportunity to get a free one night stay in Nashville--unfortunately for them, they are very busy this time of the year so they asked us if we wanted to use this free night and we said, "uh, yes."

Because we only had a mere 24 hours to enjoy Nashville, we made a game plan: we would drive down to Lebanon, TN's Cedars of Lebanon State Park and hike for awhile, then head to our hotel, chill, and spend a night out on the town.  

O U R   F I R S T   S T O P

Lebanon, TN State Park

We were unfortunately disappointed with this part of our trip.  The park was very junky and not taken care of. It was raining by the time we got there so we decided to go on to the hotel and relax for the afternoon. This broke my heart because I was in desperate need of some outdoor fun!

O U R   N I G H T   O U T

Opryland Hotel Christmas Lights

They were absolutely beautiful and if you've never gone to this historic hotel, make plans to ASAP! Even if you don't get a chance to see the Christmas lights, the building on its own is immaculate and grand.  Its architecture is reminiscent of the Titanic's grandeur and time period. This Nashville gem made our night memorable and special!

John A's Little Palace

I am so glad we found this place! I know that next time we visit Nashville this will be our first choice for dinner. The atmosphere was traditional and relaxing.  This sports pub offers TVs for all the important games, a projector screen that plays the best black and white movies and a stage for nightly live music--we were lucky enough to stop by when a really great classic country band was playing.  We both indulged ourselves in steaks and soup--words cannot express how perfect their steaks were.  I highly recommend this place to any Nashville traveler!

Like I said before, we were only in Nashville for a little while, and when The Farmer and I travel together we become hermits at some point in the trip and stay cooped up and watch all the Netflix our hearts desire (our current obsession is Arrow).  We both work a lot during school so this was one of the most relaxing moments of our whole trip and we definitely needed it!