Book of the Month: November

I am a lover of literature.  I love discovering new books, and I really love discovering old ones.  This new series on Novelties and Trinkets is really a challenge to myself to read, at the very least, one book a month.  This challenge takes me beyond just reading, to really dissecting the meaning behind the words.

Enjoy November's Book of the Month and I encourage you all to purchase this lovely book as it was written by a friend of mine, Lindsey Harlan, and I'm also a huge advocate for supporting local, independent artists of any kind.

W A S H   M E   W H I T E   A S   K H A K I

As the story begins, I was immediately drawn to Stevie, one of the main characters.  As the story progressed even further, I eventually was drawn to every single female character: Abigail, Emily and Stevie.  Lindsey Harlan's best feat, in my humble opinion, was developing these characters into people we can all wholly relate to.  She had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, going back and forth as to which character was right and which was wrong.  

Even through the characters' conflicts between each other, I found myself choosing all of their sides. I wanted the best for every single one of them.  She drug me into their inner and outward conflicts--I felt what they felt; I cried when they cried. I became fully emotionally invested into their lives, and what an accomplishment, right? The defeat of most authors is their lack of character accessibility, or in the least, intriguing characteristics that create anger, confusion, anxiety or disconcerted feelings toward the characters. Harlan overcame this potential defeat with eloquence and pure power in the depth of her characters.  

Not only was the character development near perfection, so was the plot development.  I read this book twice--partly because I was planning on writing this review and wanted to make certain I had all my opinions in line, but mostly because I just really loved the story and was ready to hear it again. The plot is told through the eyes of the three main characters, which is one of the best ways to keep an audience reading. The cliffhangers in this book were colossal and I read this book faster than I've read a book in a long time...I literally couldn't sleep until I knew what happened. I needed beautiful resolution! Harlan delivered this request gracefully and she used every minute of my attention doing it.  

I think one of the best qualities of this book is its length: it was the perfect size to sit down on the couch for an evening and read in almost one sitting, but it wasn't short enough to bring about boredom or lack of depth. 

I am not a professional reviewer by any means, but I think an opinion of a literature loving college student counts for something.  My opinion of this book is that it's a great story that kept me guessing and it brought a warmth to my heart as I finished it.  No, not every character ends up living happily ever after, but there's resolution; there's an end to the means.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I have a feeling you all will, too!

You can purchase Wash Me White as Khaki on Amazon.  It is an eBook for now but Harlan has mentioned plans of taking it to print.  Last but not least, she is working on another book which is set to come out in 2015!

You can check Lindsey Harlan out on her Amazon author page or by visiting her Facebook page where she displays her artwork.