My Yearly Memory Book

I love taking pictures.  I always have someway to take a picture on hand.  I love preserving memories, and then taking the adventure through the past as I flip through photo albums, my phone camera roll and my yearly memory book.  I started making these in 2010 and they are my favorite way to keep memories from the year all together.  It's like having my own personal year book. Because I love making these each year, I wanted to share how I made mine so that you guys could start your own as well!

H O W   I   D O   I T:

I like to use Shutterfly for my photobooks.  There are a couple of reasons why:
     1.  It's very affordable and they have sales ALL the time.  (I wait until around Christmas to order mine and they usually have a 50% off photobooks sale, then you can make it twice as big for half the price)
     2.  I am very busy around December and Shutterfly has so many themes for the photobooks that make it very easy to put it together in a tasteful way.  I pick a different theme each year to mix things up!
     3.  It's so easy to make!  All you have to do is log onto Shutterfly, upload all the pictures you want (you can upload directly from Instagram, Facebook, etc. and your computer), and add them to the photo book and arrange them how you like.  It's easy and fast!
     4.  If anything ever happens to your home, Shutterfly saves your photobook to your account so you can always order it again.

First, I go through the pictures on my computer and put them in a file labelled with the year (ex. 2014).  Once I've gone through them all, I log onto Shutterfly and begin uploading pictures from Instagram and  Facebook and then add the ones from my computer.

Once they have been uploaded I go through the steps to start a photobook and choose the theme I want.    For 2013, I chose the theme:  Chalkboard Chic.

In 2012 I chose the theme:  Happiness Is...

In 2010 I chose the theme:  Better With Age

Once I have my theme chosen I begin adding the pictures where I want them and then I add some embellishments to add some character, then I'm ready to order it and enjoy it for the rest of my life!

Here are what mine from the past 4 years looked like (for some reason, 2011 was skipped):