My First Bridal Expo

I signed up for my first Bridal Expo as an exhibitor in December.  I was at this place where I knew I either needed to take it or leave it; go big or go home.  I went big.  I invested some money and with The Farmer's support, I took my little graphic design business to the next level.

1.  This could not have happened without my amazing mom.

2.  I am looking forward to working with some AMAZING brides.

3.  This expo gave me the confidence and the client base to grow my business to the next level.

4.  I had so much fun.

I will be drawing for the winner of these ten thank you cards in a couple of days!

I hope those of you who came to the Bridal Expo had a great time!  I look forward to working with some of you all! I know some of you liked how we decorated the booth, if you're interested in having help, my mom did all of it and would love to help you find items like ours or even rent our stuff out to you, contact her here:

Happy Wedding Planning,