DIY Lavender, Epson Salt Bath Mix

I know what you're thinking right now.  You're thinking: "I am freezing cold, it's snowing outside and I'm miserable...I need a bath".  Don't fret, my friends.  I have a bath salt recipe that will come in handy on those cold, frigid nights that will help you thaw out and relax after a day of walking to work/class in the cold!

What You'll Need:

-2 Cups Epson Salt
     > Espson salt can be found in the medicine isle or laundry isle of WalMart.

-1/2 Cup of Sea Salt

-A few drops of Lavender (or your choice of scent) essential oil
     > Essential oils can be found in WalMart in the candle section.

-Food coloring of your choice:  I chose to mix red and blue to make a light purple color because my scent was lavender, but if you have peppermint you could try red, or vanilla you could do yellow.

-2 mixing bowls

-A mason jar (If you are only making one batch, use the standard size, if you want a larger mason jar filled, it will take about two batches.)

-  If you want your bath salts to bubble up, you can add 1/2 Cup of baking soda to your mix.


1. Add 1 Cup of epson salt, 1/4 Cup of sea salt and a few drops of essential oil to one of the mixing bowls and mix together with a spatula or wooden spoon.

2. Repeat this step in the other mixing bowl.  Once you have mixed the second bowl, add the blue/red coloring mix to the salt mixture and stir until the color is evenly distributed into a light purple (or your choice of color).

3. Take a spoon or measuring cup and pour a layer of the white salt mixture into the mason jar, then a layer of purple mix and repeat until the jar is full.

4. Fassen the lid onto the jar and decorate the jar how you please.  I tied twine onto the top of the jar and then taped light blue washi tape to the top of the lid and used a sharpie to label it.

How to use it:

When filling up the bath water, add 1-2 "cap fulls" of the bath salt to the running water then enjoy the smell and relaxation.  The salts will dissolve and will not bubble up (unless you added the baking soda) but the epsom salt will enter into your skin and help detoxify your skin.