Austen: The Best Gift EVER

On Christmas morning of 2013, I awoke to bright, cold sunshine through my window.  I was met with immediate excitement at the gift that The Farmer had gotten me.  He had been talking about how great this gift was and he even went as far as to say that it would top any gift I have ever gotten him.  I don't now about you guys, but a statement like that brought anticipation...and even a little doubt.

I decided to let The Farmer open the gifts I had purchased for him first.  When he had finished ripping the paper and "ooo"-ing and "awww"-ing at the items he now held in his hand, it was finally time to find out what this gift that had gotten so much publicity really was.

He pushed a giant box towards me.  I grabbed the envelope that lay on top of it and read the handwritten note on the inside.  My heart leapt and I began opening the box with great food.  The huge box...held dog food.  That could only mean one thing:  The Farmer bought me a dog!  A smile crept onto my face and I began asking all kinds of questions!

Where is it?

Is it a girl or a boy?

What kind of dog is she?

When will I get her?

After waiting a week to be united with my sweet dog, I finally met the sweet companion I had been longing for.  Now, on the nights when The Farmer works late, I have a dog to keep me company; now, when I want to go for a run, I have a little friend to laugh with; now, when it's warm and all I want to do is be outside, I have someone to be outside with.

Her name, you ask?  Her name is Austen.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to name her after an author and Lewis, Tolkein, Spurgeon, Hawthorne and Capote didn't click with me; but Jane Austen.  That is a name for a beautiful, sweet, already independent female dog.

This, my friends, is Austen.  She is a 6 week old German Shepard who hates Taylor Swift, falls to sleep to Josh Turner and sits contently while listening to Randy Travis.  She is extremely clumsy and she is slowly beginning to understand that she is safe with The Farmer and I and she does so many cute things that make me laugh.  She is definitely the best present I've ever gotten.