Sharing Traditions #2: Jordan

It is time for another section of "Sharing Traditions".  I am loving how these guests posts are turning out and I'm excited to share even more in the next few weeks.  For today's section, let me introduce you to one of my best friends, Jordan.  We became instant friends two Summers ago as we got to know each other through our similar interests.  We have bonded over quilting, sewing, cooking and our love for God.  I am so thankful for this friend and I hope you enjoy what she has to share with you all.

PS:  Jordan farms with her dad and she will be selling strawberries and sweet corn in the Summer of 2014.  If you live in our area and are interested in doing business with them contact her at this email:

  • As a young girl, I cherish the times dad and a bunch of us kids would bundle up on those cold December mornings, pull the old four-wheeler out of the garage, pile on and begin our search for the perfect Christmas tree. We would begin the scout on our farm, riding alongside the many meadows, woods and fence lines. We’d come across a couple but after studying them, we’d vote to hold out, hoping that perfect tree was still out there. We’d then head down to Soldier Creek, driving in the creek bed and on some of our leased ground. Riding behind my dad, I’d tap his shoulder and ask “Dad, is that a good one?” pointing towards a good sturdy group of cedar trees in the distance. As we advanced closer, he’d reply “I think it might be Jordie.” For those of you who don’t chop your own tree, there are some special things to take into consideration when choosing one. First it has to have the perfect, strong, distinct smell. Secondly it has to have a dark rich green color, none of that brown stuff will do. Thirdly (and most importantly) it must fit in the living room. For some reason, trees always look smaller outside then they do indoors. The has been many a tree that has entered our front door has had to experience a major haircut. When we’d arrive back home with our prize tree, my mamma and a couple of my younger sisters would always have the lights out and ready. Walking in the door, the Christmas music would be turned up and a strong aroma of soup would fill your sniffer. Usually some hot cocoa would be waiting for us too. My mom would bring a wrapped up bag and sit down beside the tree. One by one, she’d carefully pull out the eight new ornaments she‘d collected over the previous months. Each one was different and unique, matching the many diverse personalities in our family. Some of them were farm related, others a cowboy boot or fishin‘ pole, there’d also be an assortment of sparkling fairies and ballerinas. As we decorated the tree, my mom would pull out ornaments from previous years, each one having someone’s name or some kind of special significance. After our tree was lit and complete, we’d gather around, each with a full tummy and a mug of eggnog. We’d listen to dad as he read Jotham’s Journey, a family favorite that we would read throughout the month of December, a very special part of our advent. It’s the story of a young Jewish boy that was separated from his family and then his adventure of being reunited with them, which happens in a little town called Bethlehem. His family is not the only thing he finds there… (we all know the rest of this story). Christmas is a very special time for our family. A time when we’re all together and treasured memories are made. It is also a time when we reflect on the greatest treasure of all, the birth of Christ. 
    Merry Christmas!