Dress-a-thon "Wearing a dress for hope"

I have some really exciting news to share with all of you!  For the past couple of weeks I have been planning an event that ALL of you can participate in.  I don't know if any of you have heard of Dressember before, but the Dress-A-Thon is it's "sister" program to raise awareness for sex trafficking and to spread the word about Dressember 2014!

How Dressember works:  It started as a fashion challenge to wear a dress everyday of December and to celebrate femininity.  It has grown into a campaign to raise money and awareness for sex trafficking.  All the money raised during Dressember is donated directly to the International Justice Ministry (a ministry dedicated to physically saving women and children from sex trafficking while sharing the Gospel).  Dressember has grown into a huge campaign in just a few years and just in 2013 it has raised $100,000 for IJM (and December isn't even over yet).

Unfortunately, Dressember is almost over and I was unable to start from day 1.  So, instead of waiting another 11 months, I decided to help spread the word throughout the next year so that more women in my area would know about it and so more awareness of sex trafficking could be spread!

I have the great pleasure to introduce to you the DRESS-A-THON! From February 1-15, 2014, we will be wearing a dress everyday for 2 whole weeks! Starting January 1, 2014 I will be having sign ups on my blog.  By signing up, you will be entered into a daily email list that will be written to give encouragement throughout the two week period, receive pictures of women and children that you are helping to save and you will have the chance to send in pictures of you wearing your dresses that will be shown in the email list to give ideas to all the other ladies who are signed up, AND your photos will be put into a video that will be sent out on the last day of the Dress-A-Thon!

The Rules:

1.  You must wear a dress everyday, not a skirt (unless you have circumstances that won't allow you to wear a dress).
2.  There are some exceptions to wearing a dress:  if you are not allowed to wear a dress to work, or you have to wear a uniform, you do NOT have to wear a dress, if you're sleeping you do NOT have to wear a dress, and if you're exercising you do NOT have to wear a dress.  The main thing to remember is that if you have an choice in what you wear, you must wear a dress!
3.  A long shirt over leggings does NOT count as a dress!
4.  It is OKAY to wear leggings, panty hoes, tights, jeans or shorts under the dress!
5.  You must follow the previous rules for 2 whole weeks (Feb. 1-15, 2014)
6.  This is not a "rule" per-say, but we encourage you all to post Instagram pictures, Facebook pictures and even post tweets to show everyone your dresses so that more people will know what we're fighting for!


1.  How do I join in?
>  On January 1, 2014 (at midnight) the sign ups for the Dress-A-Thon will begin here on my blog.  There will be a tab (at the top of the page, under my title) named "Dress-A-Thon Signups".  You will click on the tab and fill out the form that loads on the page and you will begin receiving emails on February 1, 2014!

2.  How do I send you my pictures?
>  Starting February 1, 2014, there will be yet another tab at the top of my blog that will say "Submit Photos for Dress-a-Thon" (or something along those lines) and you will have a form that will allow you to upload and submit and photo that will come straight to me!

3.  Is there a modesty dress code?
>  There are no set rules for modesty because we are following the rules of Dressember and we desire to be as inclusive as possible, but I personally would like to encourage modesty while you participate.  We are not representing just a campaign, but God.

4.  Can I wear any type of shoes with the dresses?
>  YES! We want to encourage everyone to be as creative as possible with your outfits.

5.  Do I have to wear a different dress everyday of the challenge?
>  NO!  Do not feel like you have to go out and buy a lot of dresses.  This is not designed to make anyone spend a bunch of money.

6.  Dressember is a sponsorship program, do we have to get sponsors for the Dress-A-Thon?
>  No, the Dress-A-Thon is not a sponsorship event.  This is strictly to raise awareness for sex trafficking and to increase interest for Dressember 2014! If someone wishes to donate, they can donate directly to the International Justice Ministry or they can donate directly to www.dressember.net (which will all go to IJM).

7.  What does IJM do exactly? Where is their money spent?
>  Click here to read a full explanation at how they help those trapped in the sex trafficking cycle.

If you have any more questions, fill out the form below to submit them and I will create another post to answer all questions!