DIY December: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

One of the fun, quirky things to partake in on Christmas morning is pouring our your stocking to find small useful treats.  You may find candy, jewelry, electronics, makeup and much more, and everything that is squeezed into your stocking is just another little gift that puts a huge smile on your face.  The best thing about stocking stuffers is that you can get them at the very last minute, from anywhere.  Below are some things I put in our stockings!

Lip Products

You can never go wrong with some chap stick, lip gloss or lip stick (EOS Lip-balm - $2.50, Burt's Bees Lip-balm duo pack - $3.50).  Guys like chap stick, girls like gloss; you just can't lose.

Nail Polish

If there's a girl you're buying stocking stuffers for, get nail polish (Essie's Go Overboard - $7).  It's another easy, and well received gift.

Christmas Socks

Everyone loves the goofy, fuzzy Christmas socks that are in abundance this time of year (Toe socks - $3, Reindeer socks - $3).  They're not only fun, but their actually useful during the winter, especially if you have a wood floor.

Electronic Accessories

Another gift that you can't go wrong with is any electronic accessory.  I got the Farmer and I a car charger for our phones ($5 each), but a phone case, headphones or wireless charger would be great as well.


Small candles are a good, cheap stocking stuffer (both candles - $1.50 each)

I hope this solves your stocking stuffer needs,