DIY December: Christmas Cards

My family has never been a huge Christmas card group.  We receive a ton of them, but we never have sent any out.  I think part of why we never did was because my brother and I were always active in some kind of sport, club or activity that required so much time and effort during this time of the year and because we were always so busy that was one Christmas tradition that never became part of our lives.  Well, now that I am "on my own" and married, I like the idea of Christmas cards and this is the first year that I have sent some out.  Below is how I made mine.

The planning of this card design was very sporadic.  At first, I wasn't going to send any out because of the craziness of college and finals, then I got a couple from other people in the mail and I was hooked.  I remembered a post I read from another blogger about her past Christmas cards, and one of them inspired the design I made.  This is not a digital design, this is very much homemade.

What you'll need:

- 2 rolls of washi tape (you can choose your colors, I went with the green I used in my present wrapping post)
- Either kraft card-stock, or a kraft colored paper
- scissors
- a 4x6 picture of your choice
- a thin sharpie
- a regular pen


1.  Fold your paper in half and trim until it is 5x7.

2.  Position the picture on the front of the card and tape it down.  I used the green color of tape and taped just the top right corner of the picture.  Make sure to leave room at the top!

3.  Use your sharpie and write any message of your choice, in any way you choose, above the photo:  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc.

4.  Then below the picture write who it is from:  love, the jones; from, the jones, etc.

5.  Lastly, flip the card over and write a personal message that is specific to each person you're sending it to.

I liked the personal part of making these cards.  I also loved handwriting everything on each card.  These have gone out and I hope my friends and family enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Merry Almost Christmas,