DIY December: Advent Wreath With Mason Jars

This is the first year I have done anything intentionally for Advent.  I've always known what it was and I've always celebrated with my church, but I have never done much with Advent in my own home.  Like I said in my Christmas stockings post, The Farmer and I both want to establish traditions this Christmas and having our own Advent wreath was one of the major items we wanted to incorporate into our Christmas.  SO I saw one of my favorite bloggers post a picture of their "Advent wreath" and I was inspired by theirs to make one that reflected our family...if you know me at all (or if you were at my wedding for even a millisecond), you know I love mason jars; obviously I HAD to use mason jars.

What you'll need:

- 4 clear, small mason jars
- 1 large, blue mason jar
- 4 white, small candles
- 1 red, small candle
- a very small wreath
- lace ribbon
- 1 manilla folder
- 1 black sharpie


1.  Cut out 5 rectangle labels from the manilla folder and write numbers 1-5 on each of the labels.

2.  Lay out all 5 of the mason jars and cut and attach the lace ribbon around the rings of the mason jars.

3.  Put the candles inside the mason jars, put the red candle in the blue mason jar.

4.  Find a shelf or table to display your "wreath" and put the large, blue mason jar inside the small wreath and position the number 5 in front of the jar, then put numbers 1 and 2 on to the left of the blue jar and number 3 and 4 to the right of the blue jar.

We sit down on Sunday nights and read sections of Luke or John as we work our way to the birth of Christ, which we will read on Christmas Eve.  While we read, we light a new candle each week.  The first Sunday we light candle number 1 and then so on, so forth.

I'm really loving our new Advent tradition and I hope this follows us for years to come!

Happy Advent,