YouTube Debut + Giveaway

I just got a new DSLR camera and I am irrevocably in love.  It is a Canon Rebel T5i.  What won me over?  The AMAZING video recording.  I have never had a video camera that took such good videos until now.  I finished editing my very first video and after hours of trying to upload it directly to my blog, I decided to just start a YouTube channel and direct you all there.  Here's what I dabbled in at a bonfire The Farmer and I went to:

Now that you've watched my fist video, it's giveaway time!

The prize:
You are entering to win a medium sized Apple Pie scented candle.  Since the air outside is getting cooler and Thanksgiving is just mere days away, I thought the combination of apple pie and candle would be a great way to show you guys how much I appreciate you!

How to enter:

1.  Click the "Join This Site" button my blog and become a follower!
2.  Subscribe to my new YouTube channel:

This giveaway ends in 1 week!

That's it! Enter away.