Days 9 & 10: A Month of Thanks

Day 9:  I am such an introvert.  I have always needed "alone time" and "girls nights in".  Although there are nights with exceptions, I can be found at home reading a book, listening to music, cooking, baking or watching a movie alone or with very close friends.  Because of this attribute, I am thankful for Saturdays like today.  I watched Christmas movies, perused Southern Living magazines and had lovely conversations with my mom.  These days I am recharged and refreshed and ready for the week to come.

Day 10:  I go to an absolutely amazing church.  Each and every decision is made after a time of deep prayer and biblical proof.  Just as every decision is made this way, every sermon is this way as well.  This Sunday I could not stop listening, and by the end, I felt conviction and a desire to change.  I am thankful that God used my pastor to speak to me and I'm thankful for conviction.  Although it can be scary or uncomfortable, it is nice to know that God still speaks to me.