Days 7 & 8: A Month of Thanks

Day 7:  I'm thankful for the ability to run.  I have always taken the ability to walk for miles and run for hours for granted.  This half marathon training experience has really opened my eyes to how lucky I am to even get to run 13.1 miles.  There are days when I despise running, but even on those days, I am thankful that I have that chance.

Day 8:  I've always been a more artistic person and I love weird "art" things like international films, live book readings, poetry, music shows and short stories (in small doses).  Last night The Farmer and I went to a coffee shop open mic with a couple of friends.  I'm thankful for people who feel so deeply and I'm thankful for settings that allow people to express themselves through whatever medium they choose.  I'm also thankful for peppermint was delicious.

Thankfully yours,