Days 5 & 6: A Month of Thanks

Day 5:  This is my first semester of college, and although I've taken a few college classes already, nothing can prepare an incoming freshman for what a full college semester is like. There's multitudes of papers and speeches; there's new people to learn how to communicate with; there's professors (who don't count as people) to learn how to deal with; and there's "department events" that you have to squeeze into your schedule.  In the midst of all of these things, it's nice to have a quiet, inspiring place to write papers, make power points and practice speeches. Today, I'm thankful for my local coffee shop. I'm thankful for its cheap, warm caramel lattes that keep me company on the days like today, when I have so much to do, and no where else to do them. 

Day 6:  In June, I was approached by the children's minister of my church with a proposition. Because I wasn't old enough to be a middle school youth leader yet, she asked me to teach 5th grade girls on Wednesday nights; I immediately said yes. Guys, I had no idea what I got myself into. 6th graders are one thing, but I never knew how...indescribable...5th grade girls were. There have been weeks when I have gone home ready to curl up in a ball and die.  I've never left feeling empowered by God that I was making the right decision by serving them, and that's been hard. They're the most confused, mean, dramatic and sweet girls I've ever been around (they're a walking contradiction). This week with them was perfect. I've never been more proud and amazed with kids then I was with them. I'm thankful for their random thoughts that lead to God talks, their spunky spirit, and their amazing ability to soak in facts about the book of Ruth, even though I thought they never heard I word I said. 

I love being thankful,