Days 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24: A Month of Thanks

Day 20:  I'm thankful for friends at church and the opportunity to serve the 5th grade girls.  Although they drive me insane, I really do love them and pray for the best for them.  Each week they amaze me more and more with how much they absorb about the Bible, even when they don't want sit still and listen.

Day 21:  I love rain.  I've learned to embrace the rain as a farmer's wife.  We had more than enough rain this year, but most of the time rain is good.  I'm thankful for rainy, cozy days.

Day 22:  I'm thankful for in-laws!  Travis's older brother and wife came to visit for Thanksgiving and it was so nice to spend time with them over pizza and trips to WalMart.  I always look forward to seeing them.

Day 23:  For most of my life, I have always hated dancing.  The hatred toward dancing ceased when I attended prom with The Farmer my junior year of high school. It was very fun to let loose and dance with people you love, and now, I love dancing.  This past Saturday was my favorite event of the year:  The Barn Dance. The Barn dance is fantastic...a whole post dedicated to its existence is in the works.  I'm thankful for barn dances and friends to dance with.

Day 24:  I'm thankful for getting to know new/old people through huge feasts.  We were invited to the Turkey Feast.  The funny part about the people who came to this event is that all but 3 of them were either my teachers or youth leaders while in high school and middle school...and now we're friends.  I'm thankful for having friends who are older and wiser and very fun to talk to, and I'm thankful for meeting new people through these events.