Quilting 101 #1

I love quilting. Theres something so exciting about piecing scraps of fabric together to make something so beautiful.  I have begun my third quilt this past week and instead of waiting and showing you all the end product, I wanted to take you guys step by step in the quilting process with me.  I will post a step by step post each time I finish the next step of this quilt and hopefully this will help those of you who are wanting to start a beautiful friendship with quilting!

This is the pattern I will be making!

When you're beginning a quilt the first huge step to take is finding a pattern you are in love with, as well as comfortable trying. From my experience, Pinterest has amazing quilt photos that are easy to
dissect and personalized. For those of you who have never done a quilt before, I would try something colorful with squares.  This is an easy way to experiment with quilting, especially the piecing together part of the process.

I chose Fall colors for this quilt.
Once you have your pattern chosen, find a local fabric shop and start shopping! This is one of my favorite parts of making a quilt.  There are so many options and colors to choose from, and that moment when you have finally chosen your colors is so exciting.  Just make sure you pick colors you love, you will be staring at these for a few months.

When buying fabric, I really encourage you all to go local.  When you go to a small, one person owned fabric shop, you are more likely to find the help you need in measurements and even a fun, memorable conversation with some amazing old ladies who have quilted their whole lives. For me, this is another very special part of th
is process. Since this is my third quilt, I have started to form friendships with the ladies who have helped me with previous quilts.  It's exciting to see them each time I start a new one and hearing their support and experienced stories helps get me excited for the project at hand.

Usually, quilting patterns have measurements but if not, there is an app that can help you out: The QuiltCalc.  If this still doesn't help you in the way you need, find someone pretty good at math and they should be able to break down the pattern for you.

Once you have purchased your fabric and have it home with you, wash and dry it before doing anything.  After it has been dried, iron the fabric so there is no question about the size you will eventually cut.

This is as far as I have gotten on my third quilt.  As I complete the steps, I will post step by step what I do for you all.

Enjoy the beginnings of quilting,