Fall Craft Series - #3: Barn Wood Sign

Check out #1 and #2 of this series:

Today I have a craft I know you all are going to LOVE!

It doesn't even need an intro, let's just get to this!

                            What you'll need:

- 1-2 pieces of barn wood (or if you do not have an old, rotting barn at your fingertips, get some 2x4s)
- 3-4 different colors of fabric (I recommend Fall colors...since it's almost)
-Modge Podge

Step 1:  Get onto your computer and go to Microsoft word.  Here, choose a font and select a size big enough to be noticeable on your wood. Type out "Autumn". Print! (Only print the "u" once) 

OR...you can free hand this! I free handed mine because I didn't have a printer nearby and I like how it turned out, but I also think the neater look would good too!

Step 2:  Cut out all the shapes of the letters that you just printed and then traced them onto the back of your fabric, alternating colors for each letter.

Step 3:  Place the letters of "Autumn" on the barn wood and align them how you like.

Step 4:  Paint Modge Podge over the letters and let dry.

Find a place to hang this beautiful sign (preferably a place where everyone can see) and enjoy another Fall touch to your home!

Enjoy crafting,

 PS:  I apologize for the bad pictures, I didn't have my camera so my iPhone took its job for the day!