Fall Craft Series - #2: Mason Jar Ring Pumpkin

Today, as part of my Fall Craft Series, we will be making mason jar ring pumpkins!  I found this craft a couple of months ago and knew it was a great idea.  Absolutely perfect, I tell you!

Let's jump on in!

What you'll need:

-12-14 mason jar rings

- Orange spray paint (I chose not to use one because my rings were a gold color that I liked, but the orange would look great too!)
- Green designed fabric (try and use scraps, you only need a tiny bit!)
- Twigs
-String (I used a mustard yellow strip of fabric because I thought it was a cute touch so that is also an option)

Step 1:  Tie all mason jar rings together with some string and organize them into a round shape. This takes some work but once it's secure, it's good.

Step 2:  If you chose to use spray paint, go outside and lightly cover the rings with spray paint.

Step 3:  Once the rings have dried, cut out a couple leaf shapes out of your green, designed fabric and glue those to the top where the twigs will stick out of.

Step 4:  Place your short twigs in the opening between rings.


I plan on putting this on my kitchen table...but I may make more to place around my house.  I just seriously love these!

Happy Fall Crafting,