Busy Life

Wake up at 6:30.
God time from 6:45-7:45.
Breakfast 7:45-8:00.
Get ready for work 8:00-8:22.
Drive to work: 8:22-8:30.
Work 8:30-5:00.
Go home brain dead and become zombie 5:00-10:30.
Go to bed 10:30-11:00.
Repeat 5x a week.

I hate this lifestyle. I miss my energy and I miss baking and cooking and all those lovely things. 

But, God has me here for a reason, and I hope I can glorify Him even when my life isn't how I would like it to be.

Also, 1 month and 1 week until I'm a married woman!
*fist pump*

Enjoy your week,