My First Quilt

Quilts have such a rich and amazing history.  They have been made all over the country for many years and are still being made today.  I have always been fascinated by the unique blankets.  Not one quilt is the same, each stitch and fabric piece are carefully selected to come together to create a beautiful piece of practical art.   I could peruse the pages of Pinterest for different quilts for hours.  I love to think of different color combinations and layouts; I have yet to see an ugly quilt.

I started my first quilt in August of 2012.  My friend, Jordan, and I chose to do the same one together.  This way, we can help each other on the hard parts and be able to do it together.  This project for many skilled quilters would have taken maybe a couple of months, but for us it took about 6.  But each section of work we did on the quilts made it all worth it.  I love laying on the couch with mine and looking at all of the stitch work that my fingers put there.  Making a quilt is such a rewarding endeavor.

Now that my first quilt is done, I am more than ready to begin my next!