"Healthy" Handmade Tortillas

I have an obsession with "truly handmade, homemade things".  I would rather have a strawberry cake from scratch than use the box; I would rather have a handmade quilt than have to buy one off of the Internet; I would rather have homemade, canned green beans than the aluminum canned beans at the market; and I would rather have homemade tortillas than the cold, hard, stale ones that come from "you name it".

I love quesadillas and burritos and other Mexican dishes that are served with the infamous tortilla. So, this past week, as I was attempting to plan out what days I work and what days I have free, I had the bright idea to make some quesadillas on the free day for The Farmer.  Before I go further, I should preface with the fact that when it comes to The Farmer, I want my food to be perfectly, amazingly, delectable and hearty. When he comes over after working all day, I want him to sit down to a set table and amazing food; that's just how I am, I love being a hostess, even to the people I'm closest to.

Anyways, as I was planning out what I needed to get at the grocery store, it hit me. (Other background info:  when an idea hits me, I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT THEN. It's a flaw I hate admitting to.  Me = 0% self control when it comes to food and projects) "I have to make the tortillas completely homemade! There is no other option," I tell myself.  *Commence "Pinteresting"*

Now, I can show you all my findings! It was a complete success and they are the easiest things I have ever made in my entire life.  They're so fluffy and perfectly gold and AHHH, so good. I will never buy another grocery store tortilla again.

Let's get started!

You will need:
2 3/4 c. flour of your choice (White, wheat, unbleached, etc.)
1 1/4 tsp. table salt
1/4 c. Olive Oil
1 c. water (any temp.)

-Mix your flour and salt together in a bowl.
-Add water and olive oil to the salt/flour mixture and mix!
-Separate dough:  for small, quesadilla sized tortillas:  golf ball size; for large burrito sized quesadillas: double or triple golf ball size.
-When done with the separating, turn on stove and begin rolling out the balls.
**When rolling out the dough, if you're desiring burritos, roll the dough out with some length, almost in the shape of a rectangle, if you're desiring quesadillas, rolled the dough into circles.**
-Once skillet is hot, place the rolled dough on it and wait for it to do its thing. (You will start to see brown spots on the side touching skillet, that is when you flip!)
**It is completely optional to use oil on skillet, I didn't use any and they never stuck to the pan once but if you like the flavor of oil then by all mean, oil 'er up!**

That's it! Now you can grill up some chicken or beef and get some salsa and cheese and you've got an amazing, easy, and tasty meal!

Have fun cooking,