The Chronicles of an Engaged High Schooler: Book Two

Welcome to Book 2 of The Chronicles of an Engaged High Schooler.  This book will take you through the deep twists and turns of the frequently stated concerns many people have about our ages and stages of life. We are 18 and 19 and we're getting married.  With these ages and lifestyles, many around us have expressed concern for this decision we have made to get married young.  As you read this, I will be discussing only one of many "Frequently Stated Concerns":  college.

For many, college is a time to find yourself, meet your life long friends, have fun, and be independent.  For me, it will be about learning to be a wife.  I am in no way saying that I won't meet my life long friends or "find myself" while there, but the main thing I will be doing is being The Farmer's wife.

Concern #1 About College:  Money.
College is probably the most expensive business venture you will take in life and it will not be easy to pay for with a spouse.  As you read in Book One, I am a Christian.  I became a Christian almost seven years ago and since then I have learned to trust in God's sovereign plan. I don't always trust Him, I have weak times in my life when trusting God is the hardest thing to do, but for some reason I am not scared of marriage or the money.  I feel totally at peace with the path that God is leading me on, and for one of the only times in my life, I know God is going to provide for me.  Every class that I take and every minute I spend on campus, I know my God will provide for me.  So, if one of your concerns was "How are you going to pay for college with a husband?", don't worry. I am trusting in the power of my God.

Concern #2 About College:  Meeting Someone Else.
"How do you know for sure that The Farmer is 'The One'?  What if you meet someone else?"  I've heard this concern many times and to be totally honest, I am not worried about meeting anyone else.  My fiance is so perfect for me.  The Farmer takes such good care of me and I cannot imagine my life without him there.  When I endure anxiety, he's there as the voice of reason; when I'm frustrated, he's there to take the blow and calm the storm; when I'm sad, he's there to hug me; when I just want affection, he's there to hold my hand.  Everything I could ever imagine needing and wanting, that's what The Farmer is for me.  I truly believe that God created us for each other.

Concern #3 About College:  Selfish.
I remember a conversation with I had a few months ago.  I wasn't engaged yet but at this point in time I knew I wanted to marry young.  My acquaintance and I were sitting around and talking about marriage and I spoke up about my desire to be married soon and her first reaction was that it would be selfish of him to marry me that young.  I have to say, this response surprised me; I had never heard this opinion before. She said, "You're worried about school, graduating, getting scholarships, and he's going to add another thing to your plate?"  I don't see his proposal, or our marriage, as selfish.  I am so thankful to have this type of stress on my plate.  This is good stress! There's not much to talk about on this subject, it's a matter of opinion, but trust that this action was in no way selfish; I am so grateful for it.

We have arrived at the end of Book Two.   I love The Farmer and I am so blessed to face the hardships that are to come with him by my side.  I love him and I know that my God will provide and care for us.

Thank you all for reading,