The Chronicles of an Engaged High Schooler: Book One

Let me guess, you just read the title of this post and now you're having convulsions? I knew it! But really, I understand the shock.  Not many people can walk away from high school knowing exactly who they'll be sharing their lives with; I consider myself, however disagreeable this statement may be, one of the lucky ones.  I can get married at 18 and spend, almost literally, all of my life with the same man.  "But why?", you ask? I am prepared to answer your questions within the next few posts.  This is "Book One" to The Chronicles of an Engaged High Schooler.

To even try and begin the journey I've taken to get to this point in my life, you must know my religious background and exactly what I believe about marriage.  Once you get a perspective on that, you may be more understanding as to why I feel that I am ready for marriage. I am a Christian, therefore, I believe in the Bible, or as we call it, The Word of God.  The Bible explains to us that we are created for marriage; from the beginning of creation (yes, I believe in creation, because the Bible teaches it, and I am a Christian, which means I follow the Bible), God created man and women and created them for each other.  So, believing that I was created for marriage, my dating experience with The Farmer has been totally focused on marriage. (Okay, TOTAL SIDENOTE:  I've decided to refer to my fiance as "The Farmer", 1. because, well, he's a farmer and 2. I think it's fun and mysterious. *insert hand motions for effect*)  I remember on our first date, we talked about getting married.  You say "crazy", I say "that's hott": a guy who makes the foundation of our whole dating lives marriage; yes, that is quite attractive.  Basically, we entered the dating scene with the intention of marriage, we weren't just hanging out, or goofing around; we were serious about this.

I've covered the background of the readiness for marriage, now I must discuss why The Farmer is "The One" for me.  The Bible says that the man is the leader of the relationship, the wife is to be submissive. If The Farmer comes to me someday and says he feels called to go to Zimbabwe to live for missions, you know what I, as a wife, will say? "I'll start packing." I see this picture as a true masterpiece.  I don't have to worry about a thing; my husband is going to lead me to Christ and love me like Christ loved the Church.  That was one nonnegotiable thing I kept in my mind while dating, and I found him.  I found the man who is going to lead me and love me like Christ loves us, and I am not letting him go.

As a future wife, I also believe that men deserve to be respected by women.  My future husband, The Farmer, is a man I can respect.  When he decides to make a decision for our family, I can swallow my pride and anxieties and trust that his decisions are from God, and I can follow him.  I heard a piece of advice from my pastor's wife; now that I've known it for awhile, it seems so simple.  She said, "Ladies, you have to marry that man, if you can't respect him, you're going to have a long life ahead of you."  I am getting married because I can respect the man who proposed.

The Farmer and I have been friends since I was a little Freshman.  I saw him as my older brother and best friend.  He protected me from so many things and he was always there for me when I needed to talk to him. I told him just as much about my life and situations that I told to my girl best friends.  This is another reason I'm marrying him, he's my best friend.  The time we spend together is truly a gift from God.

Lastly, I truly believe that God molded me and created me for this life.  Without me, this life would not be here.  God created Travis and I for this life; there wasn't any other option.  When God was creating me, when he planned out my life before the beginning of time, he chose me for this life, this mission.  I gladly and boldly accept.

I am eighteen years old, and I'm engaged to be married.  I was given this life to glorify my God, and I am going to do that through my future marriage.

Be looking for the next few "books" in The Chronicles of an Engaged High Schooler.


Just so you know how handsome The Farmer is, here are some pictures.
These are both from my Senior Pictures.