2nd Annual Dinner Party - Travis's 22nd Birthday

I have happily arrived to the place in my life where I am fully embracing my desire to decorate and host.  For awhile, I felt embarrassed by this appreciation for the prettier things in life. I saw dinner parties as frivolous which led me to fear branching out into this area of hosting. It is much more common in my geographic location to grab the paper plates, plastic cups and just do what has to be done.  There's nothing wrong with that way of doing things, but my mind works differently. Just as I don't always understand the paper plate way of life, not everyone understands why decorating and hosting are important to me, or at all.  I think it's a common misconception to those who do not care for hosting, that those of us who do care for hosting do it for the praise. Honestly, I don't care if anyone comments on the flower arrangements or the table decor.  I despise being the center of attention: I get incredibly awkward when I receive compliments. I get even more uncomfortable when someone says something like, "This is way better than anything I could ever do," because I never want anyone to feel inferior just because decorating, cooking and hosting are hobbies of mine.

Dinner parties are times of conversation.  At these events, people are free to discuss an array of topics such as sports, politics, theology, jokes, stories from days gone by, and what book has captured hearts most recently. There's music filling up the background space, candles are lit to create the best lighting and the food is just straight up good. Dinner parties are hosted in an effort to create fellowship.  The creation of fellowship is an art and it can be done in many ways.  If you ever have the chance or desire to host an event like this, do it! It's fun and incredibly rewarding.

ANYWAY, I'm thankful to have a husband who loves this part of me. He is a social being who loves the company of other humans and I'm glad that I can give him a night to talk as long as he wants with the humans he loves the most. This year I chose to center the evening around some of my favorite colors: eucalyptus, forest green, navy, marigold and a driftwood brown. We hosted the event on November 7 in our "new" kitchen.  It was a wonderful and cozy evening spent with family and our closest friends that I will always cherish.  In fact, I had such a great time that I only took one picture during the event.


It has been such a long and hard semester. I started a new job working at a local coffee shop, I'm taking more classes than normal (and they're kicking my butt), we started fixing up and moving into a different house and our sweet pup, Austen, passed away. Life is just busy right now and as much as I wanted to participate in the Write31 challenge, I just couldn't keep up with all of the grief from losing Austen, the homework that was piling up and the house work that needed to be done.

I'm taking a small break from Novelties and Trinkets for the rest of the semester. I may be writing posts here and there about adventures we take or events that happen, but I'm welcoming the overall break of writing for this space. Thanks for understanding!

See you soon,

Meagan Palmer