The Spirit of a Farmer - My Cut Flowers

If you're an avid Novelties and Trinkets reader, you may have noticed that I have been a little off the grid recently.  There are a few factors that go into the lack of writing: 1. I'm nearing finals and school got a lot crazier than expected this semsester, 2. The Farmer and I are busy scurrying around planting and transplanting and selling everything in our greenhouse, and 3. we have started a new venture: cut flowers, and I have been incredibly busy researching, planting, and, what I do best, worrying about every bit of it *insert sarcasm here*. 


The greenhouse has been doing really well. We embraced advertising more this year and it has really paid off, and it also helps that we have an amazing church family and community who are all willing to support us! 

Our new venture, cut flowers, has taken up the most of my time.  I've been making trips to the library, reading book after book, talking with florist after florist and planting plant after plant into the ground all month long.  It's a bit disheartening at times; flowers don't grow as quickly as vegetables do, so I feel like I'm just kicked back, waiting and waiting, and waiting and waiting for something - anything - to happen. Although it's been a pretty stressful and worrisome time, the hours that I go out to plant are some of my favorite times of the day.  It's a time for me to push all other things out of my head and focus on the task in front of me all while enjoying the sounds of nature. 

One thing I've learned since marrying into a farming family has been that farming without faith is the single most stressful career on the planet. Will it rain? Did the roots take to the soil? How much is irrigation, again?! Wait, no one wants to buy my product after I've spent months growing it? Thoughts like these have all entered my head at one point in the last two years.  Growing a living organism from the ground to make a profit off of cannot be done peacefully unless you have faith in God and His sustaining power. We can't make a seed germinate.  We can't make someone buy our flowers. We can't make it rain.  I have to put my full trust in God: He makes a seed germinate, He inspires someone to buy, He makes it rain.  I know the stress is real, but I also know that God is bigger than this stress and He's bigger than our business.  This is the spirit of a farmer. The ability to step back from the field, knowing that my fate is in the hands of God.