A Day in the Greenhouse: The Beginning of the Season

Agriculture has only recently become a part of my life.  Before dating The Farmer, I had never seen a tobacco plant before, and I had never set food in a field or greenhouse in my life.  Now that I'm a farmer's wife and we have embarked on the adventure of owning a greenhouse, I can't imagine living a life without watching plants grow.  

Last week we planted our first plants of 2015.  My project of the year will be growing cut flowers to sell to florists and at the farmers markets. We have tons of seeds to plant and we have about half of them completed.  

When I'm in the greenhouse, I feel incredibly fulfilled.  Being able to cultivate life and watch such beautiful creations grow is a gift from God.  It is quite funny to look at how my life has turned out: I used to dream of living in a large city, working in an office; now I'm dreaming of flowers to grow and finding more and more fascinating parts of farming each day.  I love how God has such great plans for our lives that are better than anything we could ever dream up ourselves. 

I start each day by watering the plants and cleaning up a bit.  There's a lot of trash involved in our greenhouse for some reason.  Right now, we have all our plants on a heating pad.  We are putting off turning on the heat in an effort to save money.  During the day, it heats up nicely so we are not worried about this decision at all. 

Once I finish planting each row, I label them with a popsicle stick so we can keep track of each kind of flower we grow. Soon we will get a shipment of flower plugs that will need to be planted as soon as possible after their arrival.  Once these plugs arrive green will fill the greenhouse and then my impatience for spring and summer will increase.

I love spending my days in the greenhouse.  There's nothing like it! I also really like my visitor, Sissy (my in-laws' dog).