The End is Near

This has been the best first year of owning our greenhouse I could have asked for.  We've loved meeting our customers and traveling to different locations to set up and sell and we've totally loved the Farmer's Market!  We have closed the doors to the greenhouse and moved all our extra merchandise outdoors and we have dropped the prices in an effort to get rid of what we have left. It's sad seeing it empty again...but this first year was awesome and I'm already thinking of what we'll plant next year! Thank you to all who supported us and our new endeavor; we appreciate you all more than you know!

Now that we have closed the greenhouse and are planning for next year, we wanted to share some of our plans for this coming Fall!

We have decided to start growing chrysanthemums that will be ready sometime in the Fall of 2014; the flowers are ordered, the pots are ordered and we are ready to plant these beautiful flowers to sell to you!  We don't know what colors we will receive yet and we don't know how much we will sell them for yet, but we are excited to keep you updated in the growth process of our mums just like we have with the greenhouse!