Planting, Planting, and More Planting

We have been planting seeds like crazy around here!  Our greenhouse is mere hours from being complete and we have been eagerly planting each, individual seed with love and care throughout the past week.  We still have a whole lot more seeds to plant, but we are enjoying every step of the way!

The only things left to do to complete our greenhouse is to layout gravel, finish building the front, and layout plastic over the top of the structure. These jobs can potentially be done in the next day or two.

Here's what we did a couple days ago:

We set out trays on one of the greenhouse tables and began filling them all with dirt.

Once the dirt was put into the trays, we began planting one seed at a time in each of them.  It still amazes me that plants can come from the smallest of seeds.

To do this, we used the eraser side of a pencil to grab the seeds (it's "sticky-ish" and can pick up the seeds better than our fingers) and pushed the seeds into the dirt.

This took a couple hours but with the right company, it can go by very fast!