An August Debriefing

I cried as my mom closed the sliding, glass door. Large, round, bulbous tears poured onto my cheeks as I said goodbye to my family. Louisville always seemed as if it were a distant dream. We've been praying, and daydreaming, and praying, and pondering our future life in Louisville, Kentucky for almost three years. To finally find ourselves as residents of this beautiful city is a beautiful dream come true. As much as we miss our hometown of Murray, KY, we are thriving here! We love the old, historic neighborhoods; the amazing, beautiful parks; and the fast-paced nature of this place. Moreover, the restaurants in Louisville are too fantastic for their own good. 


We've settled into a nice routine. I spend my mornings reading The Courier Journal, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and preparing for each day of teaching, all while sitting in this chair. Mornings are most complimented when sitting in an arm chair. 


Our first few days were filled with anxiety, as well as excitement. I found myself restless, ready to start working and teaching. However, I look back at those first few days with a smile on my face. Travis and I enjoyed exploring our new home, and we enjoyed being there for one another when moving became overwhelming. Thankfully, Matthew, my brother, came to visit and bring our sweet dog, Allie, the following weekend. Being near a familiar face was just what we needed. Moreover, Allie's presence added much-needed noise and activity to our life. She fell into a routine easily. Her ability to adapt to new situations quickly is one huge benefit to her breed (German Shepherd). 

While Matthew was in town, we had dinner at O'Shea's Pub on Bardstown Rd., we found $10 tickets to the Louisville FC game, we participated in Louisville's first annual Burger Week, and we went to see Dunkirk. I also spent that Saturday morning hitting up Farmers Markets with my friend Lucy, going for a run in Cherokee Park with Allie (yes, I do refer to Allie the dog as if she were human), and visiting our local Kroger for the first time!


We spent the following week unpacking, decorating (Okay, I did the decorating...Travis hammered nails where requested), exploring, and figuring out the walking routine Allie would benefit from most. I really love how amazing this apartment turned out to be. We are thankful to have found such an affordable, safe, and cozy place to live.


The guest bedroom is possibly my favorite room in our apartment. I'm really thankful to have a place for our friends and families to stay when they visit!


A huge part of our routine has been taking Allie on her morning and evening walks. In order for her to be happy inside an apartment, we have to take two pretty long walks or runs in the morning and evenings. This has been more difficult for us as humans than it has been for Allie...however, we do appreciate her keeping us healthy! 

We've spent a lot of time hanging out with our friends, Amanda and Christian, and their dog, Scooter. It is incredibly nice to have such a solid friendship established in a new place!


I am most pleased with our new favorite evening spot. We started setting up camp at Vint, a coffee shop on Frankfort Ave., on the evenings when we need to get work done, or when there's a book needing to be read. They have a perfect patio space out front. Travis and I are both people whose studying and work thrive with commotion and noise surrounding us. Cars zoom past, motorcycles pound by, and trains boom away, creating a lovely background noise for us. After claiming a table, we normally settle in for a few hours. 


The first day of school was August 16, 2017. I could write a whole, emotional piece about the thrills and excitement of the day, but for the sake of being concise, I'll save the story for another day. Travis and I celebrated the coming of the first day by having dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. If you are in Louisville looking for a cheaper dinner location, this place was perfect. We followed dinner up with a walk by the river!


Travis's family came in for the State Fair this weekend! We had pizza at Impellizzeri's Pizza, walked the walking bride downtown, and then chilled out our apartment Friday night. Saturday, we toured the water tower museum, and had ice cream at Graeter's. It was nice to see them and catch up. 


Moving to Louisville has been an incredible blessing. This move has been the best thing for us. I'm obsessed with being a teacher. My students are fantastic, and my school is the biggest blessing I could have ever received professionally. The people I work alongside are truly amazing educators, and I'm so thankful I get to start my teaching career in a place like Oldham County. Travis has gotten a job at Home of the Innocence, and he has started his seminary classes. Everything has been great. We really love living here, and there are still moments when I'm in shock we get to live in this amazing place. God is truly good. To see the full circle of this move finally bring us here, it's huge.