A September Debriefing

I would describe the month of September as numb. I've grown numb to stress, anxiety, and most emotions in general. Of course, I don't mean to sound depressing, or sad; this numbness has been developed due to a general need to do what I have to do. I genuinely do not have time to feel during a school day. Each second is fast-paced, I'm constantly on my toes. This leaves little time for self-doubt or anxiety about the decisions I make as a teacher. Thankfully, I have been quite fantastic at leaving work behind me as I drive away each afternoon. There are still evenings when I need to tweak my lessons or work on a PowerPoint; however, I am able to start each day with the mindset of a blank slate. The only downside to this numbness is the dam of emotions I build up. I allow myself an emotional "cry-fest" about once every two weeks...occasionally more often. This has been a season of growth (professionally, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally). I am already thankful to be going through this, but I do find myself longing for the days when I am more confident as an educator. "Someday..." I tell myself.  

On a more personal level, life has been fantastic. We've settled into a rhythm that I really enjoy, and the city of Louisville has been so exciting to be a part of! We have started attending Kenwood Baptist Church on a regular basis where I have attended their women's conference and joined a mentor group Bible study. This has been a real game-changer for our time here. The church of Kenwood has welcomed us with open arms, and the people we've met seem so reminiscent of our church family back home.  We were able to take my mom on Labor Day weekend when she came for her first visit!

She, of course, made us cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Her recipe is the best! 


The following weekend we attended the Southern Seminary Fall Festival with a couple of friends. It was a great evening: great weather, great people, great food, great atmosphere. It was great. 


Thankfully, our friends, Christian and Amanda, love hiking and taking our dogs on walks as much as we do. It has been a huge blessing to spend time with them in this way throughout our weeks here. 


We ended this Saturday with a trip to the arts and craft festivals around town. 

Seneca Park has become my favorite running spot. It is so close to our apartment, and the loop is beautiful. There's also a trail around the golf course that is pretty fun to run. I've been running one lap around the park's loop, then running into the surrounding neighborhoods to make up the rest of the mileage. It's beautiful in this area of Louisville!


Allie has enjoyed our daily walks and runs the most out of all the Palmers.

This past Saturday we were able to spend time with friends from Murray who came in for the Murray State/University of Louisville football game. We met for lunch Saturday at the North End Cafe, and spent the afternoon at the game. Murray State lost...we were truly shocked by this (sarcasm). However, I had such a great time sitting and watching the game with my brother. I think I finally watched a whole football game without getting bored (probably because my phone had died in the first quarter)!


September has been busy, exhausting, and difficult, yet lovely, fun, and steady. I finally feel as though I see a light at the end of the tunnel of the first half of this school year, and I am starting to develop a routine for the work week. Thankfully, our weekends have been life-giving, restful, and encouraging. I am excited to see what October brings us!