My name is Meagan Palmer. I am the voice and author behind the words of Novelties and Trinkets. This Internet space has adapted to meet my needs as a teacher candidate at Murray State University. I am majoring in Middle School Education with a track in Language Arts. In this website, one will find articles, short stories, opinion pieces and research based writing that I have completed during my trek to attain my undergraduate degree. 

Over the course of my life, I have slowly grown to love the field of education. Growing up, I never considered the career path of an educator.  After the first semester of my freshman year, I chose to give it a shot. I look back at that split second decision to change majors from Business to Middle School Education, and I smile, thankful that my life has led me to this career. Although I have yet to begin my career as a teacher, I am honored to have the chance to participate in the trade. Teaching is more than a job or a career, it is a calling like no other. I am proud to say that I feel called to be a teacher.

Novelties and Trinkets has evolved and transformed in great multitudes since its humble beginnings in February of 2013. In an effort to remain authentic and real on this site that now represents me, Meagan Palmer, as a professional educator, changes have been made to include more recent endeavors. The stereotypical blogging topics that are tired and worn out will not be found here. This website it now home to topics revolving around English and education. This site is a very specific site, but I feel as though there may be something for almost everyone in Novelties and Trinkets. 

The content you can expect on Novelties and Trinkets:

  • Education:
    • Educational topics and my opinions over these topics will be found in this area of the blog. Theorists, strategies, the lesson plans I've been trying out in my classes, my experiences as a student teacher and much more about the education field of study will be published here. 
  • Creative Nonfiction:
    • I took a creative writing class last semester. I hated it. But, the only section of the class I adored was creative nonfiction. This section will essentially replace the general lifestyle blog forum in this space. Overtime, this section will become the primary page of the blog. Instead of a simple first person retelling of events, expect a colorful narrative of the event.  This decision is being made in an effort to challenge myself.
    • The Farmer and I travel often and have fun experiences with friends in between. This area will hold some of our dearest memories and travel recommendations and they will be portrayed in the most creative and vibrant way possible.
    • Et cetera. 
  • Fiction:
    • This is new. It's also nerve inducing. This component of Novelties and Trinkets will be the least updated because of the nature of short story writing. Regardless, this will be a challenge and it will take the guts of a warrior to actually press publish. 
  • Essay:
    • You can't be an English and Literature nerd without looking forward to your next analysis. Okay, they grow annoying after awhile, but how fun is it to break down every bit of a text or theory? This section will be home to some of my papers that I have turned in for classes in an effort to attract my fellow English lovers and develop discussion based on my opinions and analysis. 
  • Recommendations:
    • This area of my blog will be home to a list of my favorite pieces of literature.  If you are looking for ideas for your next book to read, this list will have suggestions that may interest you.
    • Coming soon.
  • Lifestyle:
    • I feel at home in the kitchen. Always searching for new things, I find myself experimenting with new recipes quite often. This section will be home to my favorite recipes.
    • This section will also be home to all of my original posts on travel, DIY, etc. 
  • Archives:
    • Everything I've ever written will be found here. All three years of content is available. 
    • Coming soon.

Over the last three years of attending college to become a Middle School Language Arts teacher, I have discovered my intense and deep passion for writing, reading and language as a whole.  Moreover, I've learned to love educational theories, strategies and, yes, lesson planning. Each of the new sections represents a huge part of my mind and thought process on a daily basis. Overall, I want discussion and to receive feedback from those who are willing to read. 

Meagan Palmer, Creator

  Pictured: Meagan Palmer, creator of Novelties and Trinkets, Photo By: Megg Allison Photography

Pictured: Meagan Palmer, creator of Novelties and Trinkets, Photo By: Megg Allison Photography

  Pictured: Meagan Palmer, creator of Novelties and Trinkets, Photo By: Megg Allison Photography

Pictured: Meagan Palmer, creator of Novelties and Trinkets, Photo By: Megg Allison Photography

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